Community Events


Special Thank YOU to Sharon in Cambridge who donated over 27 Nursing covers.


Planning for Breastfeeding at Community Events Toolkit to be funded be Partners in Healthy Living-SHIP.

Continued generous donations of sewing groups through out our region donating over 50 breastfeeding covers!!


We have submitted news release to local papers to continue help with our local sewing projects.

Planting the seed has paid off!  BIG thank you to a local quilting group for sewing breastfeeding cover-ups for mommies.  Ilene Olson Holmberg and she represents the Piecemakers Quilt Guild in Rush City.

Ilene Olson Holmberg and she represents the Piecemakers Quild Guild in Rush City.


August World Breastfeeding Month , we borrowed cut life size breastfeeding women to place through out community with fun little challenge “find the momma”.  Although we didn’t have anyone submit it was still fun as a group.

Our outreach project was to connect with local sewing groups to mother breastfeeding covers.  This project took bit of planning but we are out planting the seed.

During the year we periodically would do education news releases.  We learned and grew in the process of doing news release.